Are you my Mommy?

Are you my Mommy?
Are you my Mommy?

Friday, September 2, 2011

Tofu: The Perfect Baby Finger Food

Because Mr. B is sick and we have been busy, a short post tonight.  When I first began making homemade baby food, I found a helpful website.  Since Mr. B is mostly vegetarian (he liked my sardines the other day for lunch...yep, it's official he is weird too), I was happy to see how early I could give him tofu.  I was very surprised to find out how much he likes it.  He eats it plain as a finger food and will finish it off before almost anything else (except fruit) on his plate.  And tofu is the easiest homemade baby food protein. 

Step 1 Buy tofu...any consistency will dos
Step 2 Open container
Step 3 Cut off about 1 (2 when over 1 year old) inch cube and dice with a butter knife
Step 4 Put extra in a container and pour in fresh water to cover, refrigerate.
Step 5 Serve
Step 6 Every 1-2 days pour off water and add fresh water
Step 7 Act like you worked hard

The Compromise: people think you and your baby are strange, but remember they serve ground up chicken from a jar...YUCK!!!
The Sweet Reward:  Cheap, Easy, Healthy, One tool needed, Helps to Develop Fine Motor skills, Encourages Independence, Organic is available, and a Protein a baby actually eats

The Truth is that Mr. B actually likes all versions of tofu.  He gobbles up smoked tofu.

Tofu was easy for lunch on cleaning/laundry day with sick kid who didn't want to sleep alone in crib.

Here's the babyfood website, I couldn't live without

In future posts, I will share a few tricks I had to figure out on my own to make homemade babyfood


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