Are you my Mommy?

Are you my Mommy?
Are you my Mommy?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Guilt and Giggles: aka The Biting Compromise

Mr. B would like to make an official announcement. 
Hello!  My name is Mr. B and I am a biter.  I would like to admit that I have become powerless over my urge to bite and when I feel the need to communicate quickly with my mama, I bite.  Typically, I find her shoulder to be the best target.  

Yep, didn't really think I would have a biter given lack of older kiddo teaching situations, but with parenting you never really  know.  At times he has even sought out biting by grabbing fingers and pulling toward his mouth.  At one time, I would pull in opposite direction only to find Mr. B chasing my finger down with open mouth.  Persistence is supposed to be a positive trait right.  

Well, last night he again tried to bite me, but this time I felt something new with the tip of my index finger.....a tooth...a big tooth...huh....hmmmm....well my curiosity got me to hush my fears of his jaw and examine further.  Apparently he has a tooth in each quandrant.  And to imagine I told his doctor just yesterday he had 8 teeth and instead he has 12.  I began laughing with surprise, so of course so did Mr. B.  His laugh included a mischievious glimmer in his eyes.  I think, he knows and  I think he enjoyed his surprise for mommy.  More of those to come I am sure.  Meanwhile I am washing his car seat cover because he discovered how to spill milk on himself in the car.  Believe me he really is sick right now, but still quite clever.

the Dilemma:  Kiddo with predilection to bite his mama (not usually other people)

The Compromise:  Keep your fingers away from the wild animal and miss out on an eruption of teeth (although he has been chewing on his index finger constantly.

The Sweet Reward:  The cutest smile and giggle when you do discover the new teeth 

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