Are you my Mommy?

Are you my Mommy?
Are you my Mommy?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

It's on my mind

I can't even take a guess at how many bloggers are writing about 9/11 today.  I am not usually a follower and certainly not a follower just for the sake of following, but today I am joining the ranks.  In all honesty and seriousness, this year it hit me differently. Although nothing compares to the actual event, I have been more contemplative this year.  You see, it hit me that my Mr. B will never know a world pre 9/11 or likely never fully grasp the importance.  This brings up a few concerns.  I remember history class (well I remember it in a general sense, like you remember your fifth birthday) and we always seemed to run out of time; only getting to WWII or the Korean War before class ended a major portion of the text left unexplored.  For Mr. B, this could mean never learning about this modern event that is now history and since most of us avoid unpleasant topics, he may lack impromptu learning opportunities too.  I assume that we will talk to him about "Where we were when..." as a previous generation talked about "Where we were when JFK was shot."  Although I do not recall hearing or even overhearing these conversations. What does this mean?  It means as a mother I have to make extra efforts to teach my son and that I am growing older and hopefully wiser...I know my recent posts may indicate otherwise. :)  In talking with husband D, it hit me tonight that our niece was 4 months old on 9/11.  I didn't have the joy to know her then and I am now even more contemplative about her mom's experiences holding a baby and watching each tower. Puts my own story of "Where I was when" into perspective.  I really love that just when I need it most or don't expect it the world comes right in to humble me and put me in my place.


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