Are you my Mommy?

Are you my Mommy?
Are you my Mommy?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Homemade Disinfectant in 60 seconds

I took you through the process of making laundry detergent already and so far that is the hardest thing I make.  Disinfectant spray is so so so easy and works so well.  And if you are already on board with making your own cleaners, then you either have all these ingredients or will need to have them. I plan to slowly show you how I make almost all my own cleaners as I need to make new batches.  I encourage all my readers to comment on what you use if you have a different recipe and how well it works and please also let me know how well my recipes work for you.  Feedback helps me to improve and gives me new ideas and that's what I am all about.

So here we go.  First collect all your ingredients.  You may find it helpful to keep all your cleaning supplies in one cabinet, preferrably up high because although these are greener diy safer cleaners they are not entirely non-toxic.  In other words, you do not want your kiddos ingesting these.  Keep in mind that even the shelf floor can be unsafe if any residue is left behind from cleaners.  So, kiddos can touch the floor and then insert hand in mouth, often their favorite activity; Mr. B. is a finger chewer, so I have to be careful.

2 teaspoons Borax (can be purchased in the cleaning aisle of most general grocery stores)
4 Tablespoons vinegar (use the cheap white vinegar that comes in a plastic jug at grocery store)
1/4 teaspoon Castille soap (I have found this in Trader Joe's and Target..I am sure other stores carry)
3-4 cups of hot water

Here's what it looks like all assembled and ready to fight battle...All right soldiers line up...

Simply measure ingredients as indicated above and dump in a 3-4 cup spray bottle (mine is repurposed...Remember what we all learned...Reduce, Reuse, order of  priority)..If you are going to repurpose please use a bottle that previously had a safer, greener cleaner in it and wash it well with soapy water many times.  To be honest I do not know the safety or scientific basis of this suggestion, so if you are concerned do not take my amateur advice and just buy a new bottle...the planet will still be greener.

Then add the water and shake to mix

The End, that easy...Soldiers Dismissed!!!

The Compromise:  About 60 seconds of your time at most every 2-3 weeks

The Sweet Reward:  Less trips to the store, avoiding impulse buys when you shop, and being able to read all ingredients without taking a foreign language...yipee since those foreign languages are fading............

Cleanly yours,

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