Are you my Mommy?

Are you my Mommy?
Are you my Mommy?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Lesson

Initially I was planning a go live date of yesterday, but well life changed a bit.  Everyone in our family has been sick and the house has grown tired...I'm not kidding I think even the stone foundation may start to droop.  In the midst of it all, a very wise person asked me this weekend what I did for just me this Summer.  I was stunned into silence and I am a talker so that says something.  I had no answer...none.  Still having trouble, unless you count a badly overdue and needed haircut.  As I sit here and stew, I can come up with one thing.  I read two books....two WHOLE books mind you.  In mom world, of trying to be almost everything I deem important, this is huge.  Oh and I enjoyed them and did not read them for work.  So, apparently there is something important to one's psyche of doing things just for yourself.  Yes, I could have written a blog entry last night as originally intended and gone live on the internet...doing away with this silly practice-blogging-pretending-to-have-an-audience style of writing (Secretly I  picture all of my pretend audience in your underwear to dispel my stage freight...some of you should consider having a little more fun with your underwear apparel).  Instead, I enjoyed the recent break in our 100 + degree weather to sit on our sun porch, drink a glass of wine, eat previously prepared lentil soup and homemade bread, while being a human again with D.  By that I mean, the two of us just talking without interruption (this was after Mr. B was asleep).  Yes, there was silliness and joking and laughter and smiles.  In short, it felt great and not just because I was skipping school or the equivalent of this in blogger world. 

The Compromise: Disappointing blog audience self by not fulfilling deadline.

The Sweet Reward: Reconnecting with spouse on a beautiful night and learning an important lesson to do things just for me without worrying about everything else.

I celebrate my go live day with this important lesson that we all need to remember that we are 
Human Beings and not Human Doings!!!!

A hard lesson for me so if you struggle with it too, you have my support and sympathies.

Now go focus on the Being and do a good deed for you.


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