Are you my Mommy?

Are you my Mommy?
Are you my Mommy?

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tempeh, aka Crunchewy

I know crunchewy is a buzz word right now, but it really does describe a protein we love and it is so good for you and so easy.  First, buy Tempeh.  No worries most grocery stores have it now.  Check the vegetarian section in the produce isle.  If not, healthy food stores will have it for sure.  The best part is that you cut the slab into desired pieces with any somewhat sharp knife and its ready to go.  I love to bake it to get that crunchewy texture that satisfies your hunger and mouth feel that tells you it is a protein.  I like it too because it is not a wolf in sheep's clothing, in that it is not pretending to be a carnivores meat, which means there is no fakeness about it. The health value is astonishing. Check this out and

So, the other night I wanted a satisfying but easy to prep portein to pare with The Armored Turnips D had prepared earlier in the week. 

First open the tempeh and cut into planks with a semi sharp knife. This time I marinated the tempeh in the juice of half a lemon (the lemon juice will help your body absorb the iron more readily) and 1 1/2 teaspoons of soy sauce.  I would have doubled the soy sauce and maybe added ginger and garlic if this had been an Asian dish, but not that night.  Let it set while cutting 2 medium onions into strips.

 Spread on a cookie sheet, drizzle with favorite oil, and bake until done about 35 minutes in 350 degree oven.  (See my pretty heirloom tomato.  Had to savor that one since the yield was so low this year.

When nice and brown and onions are somewhat carmelized and still partly white to maintain a good texture, take out and enjoy. 

This time we dipped them in homemade BBQ sauce.  Mr. B learned how to dip his food with this dinner.  Now, he wants to dip everything.  I'm not sure if I will regret this lesson, but he is so cute and I love that little things like dipping his food make him so happy.

Oh, at last minute I spread some more onion and bell peppers on a cookie sheet to add to our vege intake and overall yum.  The cheesy discs you see in the front are the Armored Turnips with carrots thrown in from our garden.

Try tempeh!!!

The compromise:  May need to buy this ingredient in specialty store and does cost more than regular tofu.

The Sweet Reward:  Amazing nutrition, great texture, easy, could be cut with a butter knife, and fun for all ages to dip this un-fake vege protein.

Uncompromising protein satisfaction,

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