Are you my Mommy?

Are you my Mommy?
Are you my Mommy?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Case of the Giggles

When I started in this blogger world, I vowed to myself not to let this become a bragger blog.  I do not want to tell you all the details of how awesome Mr. B is, but I do want to share with you a compromise that I made today yesterday (I was supposed to write this last night but I saved the  planet went to bed at midnight after a great evening with friends...which will result in some great future posts...instead a funny, humbling mommy moment that truly depicts a typical compromise in my world). 
Mr. B is on the road to recovery as evidenced by his pre-sleep behavior yesterday. While trying to get him to take an afternoon nap and go to sleep for the night, Mr. B had a new trick (warning tangent ahead watch your step...I plan to blog about sleep training. It is a big topic so I am still writtng a rough draft working on it in my head, along with organizing my family and work life and trying to find my sanity shoes).  Mr. B has another nickname, which is Happiness. Notice I did not say Content, although he was never a crier, he is not content to just accept life or his environment. He is a curious explorer and well versed in expressing emotions.  Some might say, he has a bit of his mother in him even if he doesn't look much like me yet.  On with the story...After 6 stories had elapsed (that's our limit) and sleepy time milk and rocking and at points a little quiet down time (more on that later), he would look up at me in "my office"/rocking chair (that's where I am writing now) and laugh and giggle. Not at me, mind you, as the giggles seemed to be those great belly laughs that reverberate through his body.  You know the thing that fades as we age and becomes our quest as we journey through getting wrinkles and grays.  It was infectious.  Yep, I have read the official book of parenting that says don't join in the laughter when it is counterproductive to the parenting goal of the moment whether it is trying to ignore a funny tantrum or throwing food off his highchair for the doggie. Well, you try not to laugh after 45 minutes of trying to get him to sleep and 2 weeks of fussiness induced by his first cold, which is difficult for Happiness to handle.  So, I am here to make a confession, I, The Compromising Mother, gave into temptation, jumped off the wagon, and joined my kiddo in laughter....It was deliciously fun to giggle with him and see his big toothy grin with squinty eyes and hair all a jumble from mama cuddling.

The Compromise:  Giggling with my son and making the transition to sleepy time take a little longer.

The Sweet Reward:  Seeing that genuine kiddo happy smile again without using tickles to induce it.

Worth the price of the compromise,
Mother of "Happiness"  

PS: In the meantime, if you are frustrated with sleepy time battles, I have a link I will send you. I am not adding it to this blog as it is definitely NOT kiddo friendly, but oh my does it help you cope and laugh.

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