Are you my Mommy?

Are you my Mommy?
Are you my Mommy?

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Perfect Family Restaurant

Honestly, never thought that a restaurant review would be fitting for my blog, but I was compelled to tell you about this place.  To say the service was amazing would be too generalized and minimizing.  Just imagine a larger table that was half children.  Various staff were helpful and responsive to our particular needs in a manner that was quick, without prompting from us, and smooth.  Thus, I am left with the impression that the staff were well trained in the finer aspects of the vocation whether it was cleaning up water spilt on the table by my kiddo faster than even I could respond or returning a toy dropped on the floor before we realized it was missing.  I was impressed with the care given to the parent's needs including keeping my coffee cup filled with amazing strong but not bitter brew (reminiscent of good restaurant coffee from a past era).  Oh and the food was so good.  It was well prepared, well seasoned.  The menu included breakfast, lunch, sandwiches, meatloaf, plenty of vegetarian options.  Even the side salad looked good (and at a diner).  We did not have a special drink, but I will add that they have milkshakes as well as alcohol.  And on a side note, the diaper changer had a working safety belt and was well stocked with disposable liners for sanitation.  And the kids were entertained by the juke box; funny since they have probably never heard of Patsy Cline.  So, if you are ever in the St. Louis area and need a restaurant to please anyone and has an attentive staff finely tuned to handle kiddos (by the way, patrons were of all ages and situations), then you should head to City Diner on South Grand.  I know many others have reviewed this place, but I went this time with the new perspective as a parent. Here is a website to find out more.

The Compromise:  Finding a place where parents can actually relax and enjoy their dinners while having kiddos in tow.  Or simply said, adjusting to eating out with children.

 The Sweet Reward: Someone else did the dishes and I have another new trick...Fill a snack trap with cubed tofu (next time though I will use firm style for less mess) and cubed fruit or vegetable (Mr. B enjoyed nectarine) to keep him busy, contain the food even without a tray on the highchair, and give him nutritious food on the go.

I chose this snack trap link not to promote the website, but because it shows the lid to give you an idea how it works.  This product is well worth the purchase although some clever kids may figure out how to remove the lid and spill the contents, nothing in kiddo world is full proof :)

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