Are you my Mommy?

Are you my Mommy?
Are you my Mommy?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Protein Compromise

To begin an explanation.  I have a list of aspirations on my home page; all of which are important to myself and my family.  We though live in the real world where we know nothing is truly 100%.  So, over the early course of this blog, I hope to share with you how my family has made decisions about our lifestyle choices and the compromises we make in striving toward our aspirations balanced with a sense of realism.   These are long term goals as well as awareness that being 100% one thing could be a detriment to another, for example, we love organic but at times this is not a frugal choice for us.  So, I could sit and worry and stew about pesticides, but then the stress and cortisol would likely lead to worse health problems than pestcides.  My suggestion is a large dose of acceptance and moving forward.
Even though we are vegetarian pescetarian (I dislike having to put a name to it.  We don't fit in boxes nor are our food choices a political stance) in my home, there was compromise  involved.  First, a little secret, D eats meat but hates to touch it raw.  Second secret, I don't mind touching it raw (just another product of the midwest meat and potatoes mantra), but don't eat it.  I do eat fish on occasion.

The compromise we are vegetarian at home and D eats meat when out and at work.  He does not do this to protect me from scary meat...actually he prefers it this way.  So, this family compromise was easy...whew!!!!  Oh and most babies and kiddos think meat is gross, so this was an easy choice...I will leave you with my thoughts that how we negotiate this life should be a matter of conscientious, mindful choice.  If you are okay with eating the beef cow beef cow then go for it.  For us eating eggs, cheese, fish, but not meat in our home fits many of our aspirations including frugal, environmentally friendly (you can feed more people in the world with the food the livestock eats rather than the meat it can produce), and nutritionally aware (hormones in meat freak me does HFC high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated fats....I'll get off my soapbox...I did that once tonight when buying more Borax)....oooo time for the cliff hangers....I've been preparing a run of posts about the protein we do eat(even you meat eaters will find some helpful hints...think about a meat free meal per week or a meat free day..btw I heard this is better for the environment than eating local:O) ...and something with Borax...are you as excited as me?

Fully protein satiated,

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