Are you my Mommy?

Are you my Mommy?
Are you my Mommy?

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mr. B's very bad day

A few hints for what to do when the day is not going well.

Problem:  Won't take a morning nap.
Solution:  Maintain usual routine (for us 6 books, milk, rocking, a little singing) Try for set period of time (for us an hour...but he is restless active guy so this is not long for him)

Problem:  Never does fall asleep.
Solution:  Get him in a few minutes of sunlight preferably outside to reset the internal clock. (We I hung laundry while Mr. B played in my garden dirt...thanks to terrible heat this Summer the wow this is the best year for my garden turned into wow look at the dust storm rolling through the prairie my urban pocket backyard.)

Problem:  Won't come out from under table to get poopy diaper changed.
Solution:  Breathe deeply and say to self, he must come out some time.

Problem:  When finally coming out from under said table, pushes his new truck and slips getting a split lip.
Solution:  Hold him of course.  Grab wet wash cloth and anything frozen that he loves.  I keep frozen banana and frozen milk cubes in freezer for split lips, teething, cranky, can't wait 60 seconds for dinner, and special treats.  If too young to just hold and suck, either cube up banana or use a safety feeder.
Problem:  Won't eat because lip still hurts and wants milk but you need him to eat lunch before milk to make sure he FINALLY takes a nap.
Solution:  Give him favorite soft food to tempt him.  For, Mr. B this is hands down cheese. Then he moved onto applesauce, squash, and millet.  Before I knew it he was asking for grunting (weird kiddo, I know) for my Chinese Broccoli...what can I say he loves strange food.  Except scrambled eggs, which procures a sour face no matter how many times I offer this food.

Problem: Kiddo is still cranky.
Solution:  Stay on schedule or even start afternoon nap a little early (15-30 minutes works for us).

Problem: You are still in pajamas.
Solution:  Breathe deeply again, eat leftover brownies...make up tall tale for husband D about absence of said brownies and wipe chocolate off your face.

Good Luck,

Because I care about the English language have a typo problem, I spell check.  Apparently "poopy" as in poopy diaper should be poppy.  What a great reframe!  I am not having a poopy day it is really a beautiful Poppy Day.   
I would like to thank dear Romeo for the following inspiring words.

What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.

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