Are you my Mommy?

Are you my Mommy?
Are you my Mommy?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

You go your way, I'll go my way

This post is misdated actually last night's post that I wrote in my head while I was up many times (stopped counting at 6) with sick Mr. B.  I am so thankful it is his first cold, but this means he had no clue how to cope; not that any kiddo really does.  So, in my head I wrote to all of you about my compromise this weekend.  Since telepathic blogging has not yet been invented, I am writing this during nap time today instead. 

Mr. B's very bad day (see post from Sunday August 28) had a compromise between the dynamic tired parenting team.  D did an environmental project cleaning up a local river with a group that does this as a long time project and I took care of Mr. B on his very bad day. 

The Compromise:  I do all of the household and kiddo duties on a Sunday (right after a family late night, so everyone is tired and off schedule) while husband D goes on a float trip canoeing to pick up trash.

The Sweet Reward:  No pie for breakfast :( but I did get to feel like I somehow did my part in bettering our little corner of the planet by watching Benjamin and giving up a family day so my D could volunteer.  Oh and the second part of the reward is that I did my duty without having to smell like a river...sorry D, but God Job!!! 

Here is the bragging (Is it bragging if I did none of the actual heavy labor?...Let's compromise and call it bragging by proxy) picture of their trash haul this year.

Yes, that is 43 tires!!!  Impressed?

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