Are you my Mommy?

Are you my Mommy?
Are you my Mommy?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Old Fashioned Inspiration

The book was an impulse buy for a vacation read once upon a time, but has become a resource and source of inspiration in my quest to green up my home and especially my little corner of the world.  The book is The Green Book and here is a link for more information
I love that it inspires me to do more by explaining in concrete terms the impact of what seems like meaningless choices I make all day long.  It is my going green best friend by encouraging the efforts we make already such as using florescent lightbulbs, recycling, composting, etc.  And it provides the kind words kick in the pants I  need to make other changes, such as switching to bar soap for handwashing and bathing because of the energy expenditure to make one bottle of liquid soap.
I am not a paid reviewer, so i will get no gratuities for this, but I strongly encourage all of you to check this book out.  It changed the way I think about green and to consider initial manufacturing impact.  It is the perfect buy for anyone like me who is too lazy to do all the research but wants to be green.  Hmmm, I wonder if there is a cliff notes available.  It's too much work otherwise.

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