Are you my Mommy?

Are you my Mommy?
Are you my Mommy?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

There will be poop

This post actually began last night, but then life happened.  Did I mention that I am a compromising mother.  Yesterday the compromise was to do all my mothering responsibilities and to go to work.  Today is a different story.  Today I tell the post I have been writing in my head. 

Hint:  Many issues with a baby's bottom can be solved easily with fresh air...on the bottom that is.  So, sans diaper at night is a great cure.  My little one never has had real diaper rash (thank you cloth diapers), but seems to have irritating poop with the recent culprit of grapes. 

Setting the scene: Rocking Mr. B to sleep with towel under him to soak up anything.  He is asleep and about ready for the crib transfer when I hear a rumbling...oh no not just a fart...pooping (sitting in poop has never been a concern for him, so he stays asleep).  Hmm what to do?  Wipe up poop best I can with the towel and lay him down in crib.  Pat myself on back for creativity and keeping him asleep (he is a restless sleeper).  Then, exit dark room into light and see the poop on my pants.  Mr. B is asleep in my bedroom, but luckily there are clean things on the clothesline.  Whew!!

Diapering Hint Take 2:  When baby has irritation on bottom, let him/her sleep without diaper, while you are armed with wet wipes, face mask, and full gown (sounds like labor and delivery ;)

PS this post is sans pictures on one wants to see...unless you are curious to see how his blueberry poop stained my clothes...ironic I know

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