Are you my Mommy?

Are you my Mommy?
Are you my Mommy?

Friday, August 26, 2011

Mr. B's School of Weaning

WARNING: This post contains no real advice.  At best it is a new perspective that I learned, but no helpful hints...Good luck in your journey!!

I really thought I was a genius slightly clever when I realized I could use the frozen white gold, which was tarnishing in my deep freeze (I know gold doesn't tarnish, but breastmilk is also not real follow along my path just for fun).  The weaning journey has been rewarding and smooth rocky and sometimes one step forwards two steps back.  I have heard a lot of advice for weaning a child.  One pattern I noticed is that going the full first year (which I highly recommend for the health benefits to your child and continuing the unique source of bonding) can mean that weaning is a process.  Yes, you can wean one nursing every 3 days if needed, but that did not fit us.  ALWAYS be willing to find a routine that fits your unique relationship.  So, we have no set speed at which we wean nor is the time frame consistent.  Even given that it is not easy and is one sided at times.  I have found that replacing each with a bottle helps as sucking is a comfort measure for most babies....just watch a newborn's mouth move when he/she sleeps; this is self soothing. Well, afternoon nap has not been easy the past few days.  But then today it dawned on me hit me like a brick.  I had been using  surplus bottles (because the rings are breaking on his normal bottle brand after a year's use), but he pushes it away after an ounce.  Mom's intuition to the rescue.  Wash last ring quickly and pour milk into preferred bottle and voila wah-lah (prior word is too fancy for this victory).  So, now I am contemplating buying more baby bottles for my 14 month old.  And here you were wondering why I call myself the compromising mother.  Yep, never thought I would still be using bottles or buying them at this point of mothering.  Stay tuned for how to wean Mr. B off of bottles next; may serve useful to some moms struggling with the weaning process.
Lesson #1 at the School of Weaning: The little one teaches the bigger one how to wean not vice versa...

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