Are you my Mommy?

Are you my Mommy?
Are you my Mommy?

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Ginger Carrot Soup...A Great way to warm up

Time has been stretched so thin lately that it is at risk of breaking, so I continue to write blog entries in my head...Effective right?  Well, here is one that has been bouncing around so long that I really need to get it out, so I can make room in my head for thinking about important things like how to get caught up on laundry or sleep training (more on that later)....oh so tired.

This recipe is so easy that anyone can fit it into a busy schedule.  I do not mind recipes that take a long time as long as I do not have to baby it the whole time...That probably explains my love of baking sourdough (when life slows a bit, I am contemplating a tutorial that makes the process as simple as I can).

Carrot Ginger Soup is perfect for this time of year...As I type it is dreary and rainy outside, a sure sign that Winter is looming. Soup is of course warming and ginger has natural warming properties.  By the way, this is one of those recipes that is not clear cut, but more of a cooking process that I am hoping to explain so that you can adjust how you like.

First, decide on one television show you love (I watch only one per week, myself).  While watching, peel and chunk up (about the size of a carrot stick from your fifth grade lunch pail) as many carrots as you can stopping when your fingers turn orange and put directly in your crock pot.  Actually, I fill mine leaving 1 to 1.5 inches of space. So, for my 5 quart it took 5 pounds of carrots (so I am guessing you can estimate about 1 pound of carrots per quart of crock pot).  Now, fill with either vege stock or plain water until the carrots are all just barely covered.  If using plain water, add a spice ball with 1 Tablespoon Thyme, 4 bay leaves broken in half, and 20 peppercorns).  Cook on low for 8 hours.  My husband, D (he is a great sous chef), did all this the night before and refrigerated, so the next morning I basically just put the liner back in and turned on the crock pot.  I did add 3 Tablespoons of grated ginger at this point.  (If you are not a ginger lover add just 2 T at first reserving the other for adjusting the flavor when they are cooked) When carrots are tender, take out spice ball if you used it and add one can of coconut milk (do not use the light version.  You will not taste coconut just get a creamy taste that hits your tongue right after the bright carrot flavor and pungent ginger) and 2-3 Tablespoons of brown sugar (please use real stuff. I have always enjoyed C & H pure cane sugar, affordable and yummy!).  blend until smooth using either an immersion blender or a separate blender.  I prefer the immersion type for ease of clean up and because its fun!

Eat as is, enjoying the beautiful orange hue or add a dollop of something creamy. We love homemade plain greek yogurt, but I imagine creme fraiche would put this over the top.

And please do not tell people just how easy this recipe is, but then you may need to change the name to something like Carrot Ala I am not so good at the fancy shmancy...I will stick to simplicity...

The Compromise:  Orange fingers and so much yummy soup, you will begin contemplating a deep freezer purchase...mine is getting a little full....shhhh don't tell D.
The Sweet Reward:  A healthy soup you really can not stop eating...serve it with good bread and everyone will be happy.  I just made a new one, Swedish Limpa, which is a rye bread with orange rind, fennel, and caraway.  One slice toasted with this soup and I could forget about the dreary outside for an evening :)

PS I think I have a photo somewhere, which I will attempt to locate when I have free hands again.....


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