Are you my Mommy?

Are you my Mommy?
Are you my Mommy?

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Post Holiday Aplogy

Blogging went lower on my list than usual, but let me explain before I get a slew of rotten tomatoes coming my way.  Although given my newbie status in blogging world, I think it would only be a handful. So, have at it and throw your tomatoes of wrath...I will make lemonade tomato soup (yep, still on my soup kick. The family is well, but cold has set in here in the Midwest and the only cure I have is hot soup...I am working on a few new and yummy soup recipes...they are even new to my usual repertoire...ooh fancy words)...All right incoming apology in math language...I have an unhealthy love of math...I actually like word problems and computing in my head.  Now, I have really skewed your image of me...Here goes with the math

1 Thanksgiving + 1000 square foot house + 1 bathroom + good weather but pocket sized back yard + 2 infants + basement play room for the 4 kids but scary basement steps + a vegetarian roasting a turkey (more on that compromise later) + 4 tables + borrowing chairs from two family members + fitting many pans into my oven (thank goodness for a three rack one) + Oven door/attached rack breaks in the open position while still in use + curious Mr. B wanting to see/play in fire pit in back yard = no blogging for almost a week and a needed break for The Compromising Mother

The Compromise : If you are still uncertain please re-read above section

The Sweet Reward:  Mr. B did get a 2 hour afternoon nap (although bedtime was late) and lots of family enjoyed lots of food...including savory bread pudding made with my homemade sourdough...see link below...not my recipe but yummy :) I used a mixture of sharp cheddar, asiago, and smelled so good baking.

Sorry no pic, but the picture on this link is what mine looked like...and I saved time by cutting up bread one week ahead and freezing in the baking dish I planned to use and pre-shredding the cheese.

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