Are you my Mommy?

Are you my Mommy?
Are you my Mommy?

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy St. Nick's Day!!!

A day late, I know, but yet another compromisef

The Compromise:  Take time in a busy week to make a sweet/salty treat for people you like for St. Nick's Day, which turns out to be a day to work two jobs for a normally SAHM.  Thus, the second compromise is blogging about the yumminess one day later when finally recovered from sugar coma.

The Sweet Reward:  A great new sweet salty treat, my favorite kind, that is truly addictive, yet no recipe needed.

First, make popcorn in a good quantity...I did at least 3 gallons...I like a lot of people :) and when I make it again, I will like even more people :) Spread/spill the popcorn on a large countertop covered in wax paper.

Then melt some white chocolate or white almond bark. There is a difference, but I like both. I used the bark this time.  For my quantity of popcorn, I melted one pound. This was enough to drizzle all the popcorn and create a few bonus pieces with a little more.  If you want to make something more candy-ish I would double the amount of coating.   Melting in the microwave and stopping to stir frequently works well for me and saves a little electricity.  Use a spoon to drizzle over the popcorn.  If you want more even coating, stir the popcorn and if you like unique, unevenness just leave it.  No matter which you like, sprinkle with kosher salt. Sorry, I do not have a measurement of how much I use.  Sprinkle with your fingers as you season other foods, but maybe a little lighter.

 Sorry no pic.  Not only did everyone gobble it up, but a white on white food means no contrast.  Of course, this does make it the ultimate holiday food...think white snow. 

A few ideas to step it up a notch
  1. drizzle dark or semi-sweet chocolate after white chocolate
  2. sprinkle on crushed up oreos (idea from anonymous source)
  3. stir in nuts prior to drizzling
  4. stir in dried fruits such as cranberries after drizzling and the color contrast will be amazing
  5. stir in pretzels for extra sweet and salty yum
  6. first make caramel popcorn then drizzle white chocolate then call your doctor for an insulin shot

Sweet and saltily yours,

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