Are you my Mommy?

Are you my Mommy?
Are you my Mommy?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Kid Is Still A Kid

I think, it must be ingrained in the collective conscious of humans. Yep, all kids really are cut from the same cloth...we just try to influence in the ways that we think are healthiest.  And each family's view of healthiest is and should be different, but you can not deny the kidness in all kids.  I still remember Mr. B's first exposure to mac-n-cheese, the all American delicacy. We were at a fish fry and I was feeding him squash and beans and some sort of grain when he reached over and grabbed a whole fist full of yellow stuff that I am certain previously lived in a box.  Of course, the entire contents of said fist were shoved into the respective mouth over and over and over again.  Baby Happiness!  Well, it happened again on an outing where we had two kid's meals with a package.  Being the sensible mother, I decided to bring Mr. B's lunch and I would have the kid's meal, so as not to waste.  Well, the only option for non-meat eaters was a PB&J, heavy on the J, on white bread that we can call Angel Floss, extra light on the nutrients. Guess who does not eat that stuff, but grabbed for it shoving a gooey, sticky fist into his mouth.  I think, we can be frank here.  Kids are kids and somehow in their brain they love the junk we want them to hate.  My kiddo eats my homemade sourdough bread, quiona, tofu cubes, blueberries, kale, and whole fruits, yet he loves mac n cheese from the box and white unnaturally bleached bread. Does he not know all the research I have done to determine the best ways to meet his nutrient needs, that fermented sourdough unlocks more nutrients, and that HFCS is pure evil and included in most foods?

The Compromise:  Eating the pre-made not very tasty kid's meal sandwich, finding out the kiddo wants it instead, and thus less nutrients for everyone as he steals the food I was supposed to have and ignores the well balanced food I packed)

The Sweet Reward:   An excuse to make only french fries dipped in honey mustard my lunch...(too bad they were cafeteria style crinkly cut instead of crispy skinny fries....mmmmmm....hungry....did I mention my best nutrition tip is to NOT own a deep fryer)

Mom of still normal kiddo (even if other people think we are weird)  

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