Are you my Mommy?

Are you my Mommy?
Are you my Mommy?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Baby Food is not for Hypocrits

I made almost all of Mr. B's food and I learned a great deal along the way.  I made this compromise in our lives because it fit a few of my aspirations including homemade food, nutritious food, cost effective, organic when possible, and green lifestyle.  In addition, I have seen what comes out of a jar...YUCK...the colors are unnatural and everything tastes like canned food.  This foodies definitely could not do that to my little sprout who has been used to a yummy variety of food while still in my womb, but that made me realize another problem. What if the food I make is not very good either? What if lack of salt leads to lack of flavor?  So, my golden rule was that I would not feed him anything that I would not eat myself.  So, yes, I taste everything.  This decision led to a turning point in my life. He began foods in winter time and I did not realize just how unavailable some foods are no matter where you shop.  No plums....well how about prunes.  But, I had never eaten a whole dried plum, just chopped up in stuff (btw, this is a cliffhanger).  So, my husband, D, gave me the necessary courage and we downed one together (no problem for D who had done this before).  Guess what I found out, I like them.  Now we buy them just to eat them and yet I still picture my grandmother eating them out of the bag with a fork because she didn't want to touch them.  That translated into my young brain as a disgusting food, so I am now surprised to find out I like them.

The Compromise:  Trying all baby food I give to my son, which includes prunes.

The Sweet Reward: I LIKE prunes...still sounds weird.

Well, this topic came up again this past weekend when Mr. B got Montezuma's Revenge on top of still getting over croup...pour guy right.  We picked up Pedialyte as that seemed the route to go. No matter what he would not drink it, I do not like it warm, I do not like it cold, I do not like it watered down, I do not like it in a sippy cup, I do not like it in a bottle, I do NOT like it Mr. B I am.  (Sorry Seuss).  So, I remembered my rule and decided to try it...We had Walgreen's brand fruit punch.  It actually wasn't as bad as I imagined.  Drinkable with a vitamin type aftertaste, but not overly sweet.  My guess is that because Mr. B has never had artificial flavors, it was just gross to him because he happily drank the honey water I made for him instead and later milk once he could hold his cookies...and dinner for that matter.

The Compromise:  Drinking Pedialyte

The Sweet Reward: A kiddo who prefers natural tastes...that's my boy

If anyone has a homemade recipe for a similar drink to treat little ones when it comes out both ends, please post the recipe or website link in the comments section. I would love to have a more natural remedy ready in a pinch because that's when these things occur, which explains a quick trip to buy the dreaded Pedialyte. Even in his dehydrated, puny, weak, pale state he found plenty of strength to push it away.

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