Are you my Mommy?

Are you my Mommy?
Are you my Mommy?

Friday, October 7, 2011

Apples...For Carnivores Only? :(

Compromise:  Buying organic less often to suit time constraints and the economy, but not compromising on healthy food groups and non-meat home.  :)  Yep, parenting always involves compromises and don't believe people who tell you otherwise.

Sweet Reward:  A yummy, healthy apple salad that I love to make but with a new twist...recipe to come.

  1. Buy Apples check
  2. Read Label
  3. See Shellac
  4. Freak out, but be happy had already planned to dunk in boiling water for 30 seconds to remove wax coating that disgusts me when I buy apples every time.
  5. Do research on Shellac read this info about "Food Grade" Shellac
  6. Get even more concerned
  7. Non-meat house now has animal product
  8. Think to self Hmmm, we do have milk and honey in our house...and oh how I love cheese...mama taught me everything is better with cheese...sorry to anyone not from Midwest, but seems to be in our nature
  9. Don't know what to do now
  10. Ahhhh.......answer =  blog about it...the weapon of all self-respecting SAHM or anyone with a computer and internet connection.
Have I ever mentioned my addiction to list favorite part is the crossing off when an item is completed...pure and natural satisfaction at its finest...Although husband, D, thinks I overdo it...warning: a story is coming your time after writing out a to-do list and feeling a little self pride, D, who was standing next to me, gave me an unwarranted pinch.  I look over to see him cross off a final item he had added to the list "Pinch wife!"....Yep, that's how we roll around her.  The Compromising Mother gets is that his compromise or mine?

The Final Sweet Reward = A new apple salad recipe to share with all of you that held up so well I ate leftovers for the next two days and it didn't turn weird colors or get new fall treat...although the extra dipped in boiling water apples are a dull brownish, reddish type color in my fridge...yeah, yeah, I get why they coat my apples, but do we really need a bug's secretions in our daily diet...



  1. A belated welcome to the blogging world. Not sure my other two comment attempts went through, so I'm keeping this short as a trial.

  2. Okay, that worked. Anyway -- really like the premise of your blog -- definitely running into tons of compromises just in my first three months of motherhood.

    I definitely don't buy all organic, all the time, but I like using the EWG's "Dirty Dozen" list of top 12 items to buy organic as a simple guide when making food purchasing decisions.

    I'll look forward to the apple salad recipe -- at which point I'll have to choose between the sprayed local apples or the organic variety shipped from halfway across the country ;)

  3. Thanks for the welcome to the blogging world. It was a hard decision for me...wondering about writing skills, if I would be compromising other aspects of my life (ironic I know), and just generally nervous.

    I am enjoying it a lot and finding creative ways to fit in blogging time. Also, I learned quickly that daily writing may not be the best option for our schedule and quality of the blog.

    BTW, the salad recipe is now posted. Try it! I always like feedback.