Are you my Mommy?

Are you my Mommy?
Are you my Mommy?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

How to Feed a Toddler with Infant Food

In my baby food making mode, I typically made a large amount at a time so that my efforts were even more beneficial. Even when he was eating only a few spoonfuls at each meal, I would cook up 3 pounds of sweet potatoes to freeze up, for example.  We still have some foods and although Mr. B is officially a toddler, given his zombie style walking all over my house, I will not waste all this carefully prepared homemade food.  It is most green to simply use what you already have. So, here are the situations when it is helpful. 
  1. Toddler dislikes adult meal and you really want him to have a full belly so he will be happy and sleep well
  2. Toddler loves to dip foods....fruit purees match with waffles...vege and bean purees with anything savory..and you feel good knowing that ketchup is not a part of your life
  3. You get a call at 7 am asking that you work and only have enough time to throw a few frozen cubes in a container
  4. Squash purees make a great "sauce" for mini pizza
  5. Vegetable purees make a quick pasta or rice sauce
  6. throw together grains, protein, and vege chunks or puree with a bit of water or broth for healthy toddler soup
  7. Put a frozen cube of anything in a safety feeder for healthy gnawing when cutting teeth
  8. Easy meal on the road since frozen cubes will thaw at room temperature fairly quick
The Compromise:  Leftover baby food that you put your heart and soul into and thus can not bear to feed to the landfill or your compost

The Sweet Reward: Easy healthy food ready in minutes.

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