Are you my Mommy?

Are you my Mommy?
Are you my Mommy?

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Website pinnning

I grew up hearing about the rule of 3.  Is anyone else familiar?  Things happen in 3's is the basic idea.  So, 3 surprises could happen to you today or 3 times you could totally forget what you wanted to say.........What was I saying.....hmmm, might be more than 3 times of that for this mommy brain. 

The 3 rule happened to me recently, but in a fun way. First my cutting edge SIL told me about pinterest, then a good friend, and then my very own mom.  The last/third one was the clincher. So, I joined, which ended a certain stalemate I had with another web phenomenon (let's not go there with this post).  Actually, let me backtrack.  I made a promise to myself first to finish a major project in my house before allowing myself to join. I make these little contracts with myself all the time.  This time it involved home decor sewing that I will share a bit more about soon. 

Enough of tangentialness for today and back to my excitement to tell you about following little old me on pinterest.  I have started only one board, which of course is food.  Anyone who knows me well knows that cooking and eating are always on my mood and to-do list, which reminds me I need to get up and mix up a sourdough loaf, maybe rye today.  I have pinned only a few websites thus far, but will be adding more.  To be honest, I need someone to organize the web version of me.  I do not want to count, but I have over 200 bookmarks on my browser and I will not admit how many emails clog my inbox, but it is in the 4 digits at the present time.The pin you will want to look at and consider when you get a moment is an easy recipe for Vegetable Bouillon.  I have made it and used it in at least 8 soups, cooking beans, and making sauces with great success.  This recipe is amazing as it saves me money and saves my family preservatives (except for good old fashioned salt....but don't be afraid of it in moderate's all about compromise remember) and MSG.  Check it out.

The Compromise:  I may have started a new addiction to Pinterest...does anyone know of a 12 step just in case.

The Sweet Reward:  You can follow me on Pinterest and see what strikes my fancy and we can all share new ideas.

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