Are you my Mommy?

Are you my Mommy?
Are you my Mommy?

Sunday, January 29, 2012

First Birthday Crystal Ball

I am lucky to have enjoyed several first birthdays in the past year and I decided to bring the curious side of me along.  There are at least 4 approaches to the eating of the first birthday cake and I wanted to share my observations.

Option 1:  Dislike the cake and notify all around your desire to get out of highchair by standing up. When no one seems to understand your one year old communication attempt, turn around while getting more upset.  Forget that there is a cake now located behind you and sit down in frustration.  Oh, there's something squishy on my butt.  Mom, help me.

Option 2:  Parents give you a practice cake on your actual first birthday due to stories similar to option 1.  Try cake for first time in life, mmmm yummm.  I think, I need more.  Continue eating until it is taken away.  When big party arrives, get another cake.  Really mom. Remember prior cakey yumminess and dig in and in thanks to mom for a second cake, offer some to the dog even if he is not present.  Keep eating cake until unceremoniously pulled away.

Option 3:  Parents give you a cake at party number one.  What is this?  Complain.....then cry while eating some of cake.  At party number 2, wait while people take pictures of you with your cute cake and get sick of waiting so grab at the icing.  When finally getting your own piece of cake, a little person steals your ducky decoration.  Left to no other devices in this world that does not understand, yell at said little person.  No luck, he steals your cake repeatedly.  Give him hairy eye ball and furrowed brow until a bigger person finally whisks him away. This is a tough world.

Option 4:  Parents give you a cake at party number one.  Mmmmm, really mom.  This is yummy, enjoy thoroughly.  Parents give you a cake at another party.  Hmmmm, I don't understand.  Didn't I do this already?  I think, some of you have dementia.  Don't you remember.  You were over there standing with that goofy look and a camera in hand and I was here in the high chair.  Ring a bell? ........Can I get a little help here?

Just for fun, please make posts guessing which one was my child and what you think this means about Mr. B's future...aka the crystal ball part of the post title. I am curious to hear your thoughts, so feel free to give me lots of comments to this post.

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