Are you my Mommy?

Are you my Mommy?
Are you my Mommy?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Uses for Leftover Milk

Warning: This post does not contain recipes that most households will add to their weekly routine.

Mr. B has been sick again...poor guy.  This time it was of the intestinal variety.  Just like croup, I have learned things I never imagine pre-mother Tracy.  After several days of a certain symptom, that brings back childhood taunts of Diarrea Cha Cha Cha...thanks to my better half, vomiting began.  It seemed to follow milk and my logic said, "No milk."  But what do you give a kiddo on an already sickness induced limited diet.  Then, I remembered the surplus breastmilk in the deep freeze.  I probably have not yet mentioned just how much I love my deep freeze, currently full of extra homemade loaves of bread, various leftover homemade soups, dim sum yummies from local Asian store, and oh yeah breastmilk.  We finished weaning a little over a month ago, so I figured Mr. B would be game.  I think, it worked.  Symptoms are ongoing, but I feel good that he had nutrient dense, easy to digest milk while it lasted.

A few more ideas that I have tried with surplus supply:

Freeze in 1/2 ounce cubes to be used to thin homemade baby food
Use same cubes in a "safety feeder" (pacifier with netting) for teething
Make yogurt with an old 70s model yogurt maker....this only produced a thin top layer of yogurt and alot of whey
Dab a little on baby's ouchies, such as the self inflicted fingernail scratches, to heal quicker
Make cheese...I never did try this...but apparently you can make a soft cheese when mixed half and half with cow's milk
Keep an extra supply in deep freeze as your insurance policy...this gave me peace of mind when I had to pump three times a day at work
Mix with mashed bananas or squash, egg yolks, and cinnamon for a healthy pre 12 months old protein....the texture is perfect for little ones

The Compromise: Surplus Milk...I won't complain since I think I am in the minority.

The Sweet Reward: A chance to use my creative milk, I mean creative juices :)

Nurse T, again

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