Are you my Mommy?

Are you my Mommy?
Are you my Mommy?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Welcome Home

A little cliff hanger...I now know how to get red felt tip pen (like a marker and not the washable kind) off of a wood floor.

We, just Mr. B and I, squeezed in a much needed trip to see grandma this weekend and returned home at my, not his, bedtime last night. He did sleep on the way home, but woke up and eagerly wanted to see dada and doggie before going back to sleep.

Arriving home late meant awakening to all our stuff and with Mr. B in is a lot of stuff...I am sure cloth diapering is part of the bigger load.  Mr. B did not like the let's have a normal at home routine this morning, so he had to liven it up.  I due adore a good list, so I decided to put this morning's fun events in chronological order using a list, so here goes (please fasten your seat belts as it will be a bumpy ride)

  1. Squirm so much for first diaper change of day that mommy leaves pajama pants off.
  2. Dump out doggies water and food bowl
  3. Watch doggie get upset and have a seizure
  4. While mommy makes toast, find a red felt tip pen and draw on suitcase, coffee table, rug, shirt, floor
  5. Take mommy's rag to help clean up so that she has to go get another one
  6. Spill mommy's coffee all over table and floor (which she was putting on table when she discovered #4)
  7. Let mommy strip me down in tub to make sure I am not harmed (she doesn't realize that because of #4 and #5 the coffee cooled entirely)
  8. Try to climb out of tub multiple times while mommy cleans up coffee spill
  9. Let mommy wash sticky legs and belly
  10. Finally get to eat breakfast with only a diaper on (I wonder if mommy realizes that this was my goal all along)
The Compromise:  Mr. B took over my morning and my blog (see above)
The Sweet Reward: I initially used my tried and true disinfectant cleaner which worked fine on the glass coffee table but not the wood floor.  Happily, I next discovered the pure castille soap did the trick.  A sigh of relief until I saw just how many rags were needed this morning and the realization I had no coffee....Help!!!  That was the real compromising mother problem.

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