Are you my Mommy?

Are you my Mommy?
Are you my Mommy?

Monday, March 12, 2012

Mama Aerobic Routine

I am always trying to work exercise into a busy mom and part-time worker schedule, so mutli-tasking is my forte.  The other day though, I began mutli-tasking without preplanning, just a happy accident (ooohhhh that would be a fun posting topic).  I love to turn on pandora for my son as he loves music.  I have to make conscious efforts to do this as I am more likely to have on PBS or talk radio for sound (wow, I really am a nerd...kiddo's name should have been Poindexter...I don't think we could afford the investment in self-defense classes for him ;)  The other day this great upbeat tempo song came on (kid music sure has improved over the years) and I just felt like dancing.  By the way, we have one rule about dancing in our house.  If you are a bad dancer, you can only dance alone in your house or at weddings, otherwise it become a societal nuisance.  Well, it turned out to be quite a workout.  So, I decided to blog about it for other moms that are struggling to get their heart pounding with exercise (worrying when your kiddo is TOO brave on the playground doesn't count). Here are the instructions.  Feel free to print out for future reference.

  1. Make sure to completely close the curtains in your living room
  2. go to and type in your favorite artists, i.e. Sesame Street or Schoolhouse rock
  3. Pick up a nearby toddler weighing over 26 pounds
  4. Dance away with abandon
  5. When the toddler giggles, make sure to also giggle it adds to the heart pounding effect
  6. When the song is through place said toddler back on the ground
  7. See him signing more so cutely, that you are left with no other choice, but pick him up and dance again
I would love to say that I did this for a full workout, but believe me this is much more exhausting than you can imagine.  

The Compromise:  Exhaustion
The Sweet Reward:  Giggling, exercise, giggling, loving the music, giggling....and more giggling...I am smiling right now just remembering. :)

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