Are you my Mommy?

Are you my Mommy?
Are you my Mommy?

Friday, July 13, 2012

While on Sabbatical

Is it possible to take a Sabbatical from blogging?  I am not sure, but this is what came to mind when I thought about the recent events of our lives.  We have had more going on than I ever imagined, but I have had a lifetime of learning in the past month.

A little recap to help you know where I am coming from:  We started the Summer with preparing for our first BIG vacation with child and preparing our house to go on market.  The vacation required prepping for colder weather since we were going North on an active vacation and preparing amusement for a toddler lap child on a 4 legged (2 each way) airplane adventure.  The house required thinning down of possessions by  moving said accumulation of life "necessities" into a storage unit.  Then, we enjoyed said vacation and it went amazingly well. Upon our return, the house required further spiffying up and cleaning and staging for a photo shoot.  Then, we had final preparations to be constantly ready for a debut should an interested party call.  10 days later we had our first!  And the offer came with the request to move in less than one month later.  Since a bird in the hand is fabulous when considering the idea of numerous tours of strangers through our home, we accepted the offer.  Our year long search for our perfect home then began in earnest.  At one point I saw 11 houses in 2 days while toting along a toddler who just wanted to be at home with his toys.  And when I looked in his eyes, I could not help but dwell on the thought that my decision would make my cute toddler homeless.  (at this same time, when I said look in my eyes, he would smash his forehead and nose into mine and giggle uncontrollably...that helped)  Along came a very interesting house and after seeing it on the first day of its debut, we put in an offer.  One week after we accepted our offer.  Whirlwind, some may say.  Meant to be others might say.  In perpetual shock right now, I might say.  Relief, our families said.  Yep, said my non-worrying husband, D.  Mr. B simply says he needs a brown room...not sure why the color choice, although briefly he toyed with the idea of a gray room.  Funny boy.

You can suspect that I am learning all the usual things such as patience, how to pack a family of 3 in to as few boxes as possible, and how to make sure not to accidentally pack the dog.  I have learned additional things, and of course I will now present a list (I think the simple organization of a list is a thing of beauty for all to behold).

  1. Microfiber cloths will clean any surface with only water and elbow grease as needed, including glass and removing the layer of gunk life gets on sinks. 
  2. A duvet cover literally covers any ugliness.  
  3. Old tool chests used as end tables and old ice (literally ice) chests used as a hutch in the dining room will both hide toys.
  4. Long and low dressers will mimic a beautiful wooden side bar in a dining room.  Just don't leave the top drawer of underwear open.
  5. Red food dye and water will mimic red wine to make a picturesque scene on your porch.
  6. Water, water, water to get plants to bloom and stay blooming, especially if your garden is best described as pocket-sized like mine
  7. Inexpensive annuals at your garden store will hide sun baked bare spots in your flower beds
  8. Your child will choose the chaotic week with 5 house showings to begin his Olympic training for the climbing out of your crib sport.
  9. Said child will climb out repeatedly for over 2 hours many days in a row.
  10. Homemade frozen yogurt treats in silicone tubes are a nutritious treat for the family on the go.
  11. These treats will however be spilled in the car seat leaving a sun baked smell that I will not describe here and instead will utilize the strength of Denial to forget.
  12. Coffee can mask any tiredness and allow you to face the next day with at least one eye open

The Compromise:  There was a sad, dark night...I'm not just setting the stage here since a storm was looming...when I, The Compromising Mother, went through a drive through to feed my toddler while out really late hoping to find a roof for his head

The Sweet Reward: A new house big enough for a family of 3 to replace our one bedroom abode and a toddler who continues his training to become a gold medalist gymnast (It has been over an hour of climbing out of his crib and Mr. B is still not asleep).  There you have it. The typical mothering dilemma.  How is it I figured out how to sell and buy a home in this economy, yet can't figure out how to get my toddler to sleep without a drive in the car?


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  1. Congrats on selling the old and finding something new! Despite not wanting to move again for a really long time after our most recent experience, we're still keeping an eye out for the right house to come along. Good luck with your move and hopefully calmer (if that's possible with a toddler) times to come after you're settled.