Are you my Mommy?

Are you my Mommy?
Are you my Mommy?

Monday, April 16, 2012

A Hard Day of Work For Mr. B

This post is by Mr. B.  You see, mom, has been a little busy lately so I figure that I should write and give her a break.  She would probably title this post a hard day's work for a SAHM, but it was really me who had to work so hard today.

First, I was unhappy that she locked the back door, so I had to find fun on the sun porch.  I found out after some effort that I can take apart the pepper grinder.  You should see how neat the sun porch looks now.  Mom still hasn't been able to clean it up since she needs a new bag for the vacuum.  I know that she could use the broom, but when she gets it out I shriek and I pretend I don't remember that I have my own broom.  Her look of exasperation is priceless.  It is worth all the work.

Later on when she was trying to put away laundry, I emptied out the basket for her to make up for the above work.  For some reason, she did not like that I unfolded them all.  That was fun!

Later when she was getting food ready for me, I had a little water fun.  At first she thought it was just the dog's water bowl, so she did not run in right away.   So, when she did run in, I decided to give her a fun surprise. I found a way to take the diaper sprayer and turn it into a bathroom fountain like the one at the park.  She looked unhappy, so I made sure to point out where I hit the top of the door and wall.  When I smiled proudly and giggled, she tried to hide her laughter, but I am smarter than her.  I saw it, but don't tell her, please.

Yes, I toddler, Mr. B, have to make sure that my mostly SAHM works hard.  I hear that SAHMs don't work and just eat bon bons.  I am confused about this and so have one question:  What exactly are bon bons and why don't I get them for snack?  Can anyone help me.

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  1. I do not envy your bon bons. :)
    During this current stage of toddlerhood, I have plenty of times where I look forward to the work week more than the weekend.